Finally getting into the Christmas spirit...

I actually smiled at the lovely lights down my road

I felt ashamed

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...I am not a fan of Christmas, but thought I'd make an attempt at being festive for a change.

I am growing a Santa Claus beard, even got the grey to make it look authentic :snowball:

This is the longest I've ever lasted not shaving, usually got fed up by now ^_^

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Anyone else struggle to get excited by the festive season?
Stick around now you've popped back.:hello:


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I'd have more grey in a day Dave... I dare not grow it - my wife hates prickles.... got enough grey on me head !!! Folk at work comment on my grey (it's round the sides - dark top -full head of hair).... I just say 'it's working here'...

I was called Badger 15 years ago...

Do beards take more maintenance - I think they do when at the right length.... ballcox to it..... ^_^

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@post you will always be my favourite humbug.

No decs here, thought we would get away with it totally but we have people round on Saturday so better make an effort.
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