Finally the final finals.

Today was my absolutely, definitely completely final exam for my Arbeitserzieher/Occpational Therapist diploma: a fifteen minute presentation of what I've been doing in the last year while working in a social enterprise for people with addiction and psychological issues, and then some questions on the report I wrote.

Go out five minutes and then back in and the civil servant in the room told me I'd passed.

After six years (three years cabinet making and three years Occupational Therapy training) I've got no more learning, preparing coursework, carrying index cards, reciting presentations while cycling to work and trying to retain too much information at once.

No more exams, ever. I'm finished. Finally.

I will of course milk this for all it is worth and post my certificate when it comes through...
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Hello decadence
Congratulations.......but never say never.

I hope you have a great celebration tonight


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1st Class. :okay: Well done that man.
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