Find the US States (without outlines)


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This is seriously addictive.

As a guide, only go for the ones you're certain of (Alaska, Hawaii, California, Texas and Florida will be obvious), skip past the ones you're not sure of and fill in around the ones you've got. Get one wrong, you're out BUT you can skip past the ones you don't know, they'll come back round again.
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I spend most of my life not wanting to know anything about that place,but UK tv news insists on keeping us informed..

The only good state will be the one trump's buried in...


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I jumped in without reading you could skip, I got to 20% until a fat finger got me, I then got to 38% before pixels got me with my fat fingers and a small state got me again. So frustrating, especially as I have been working for a mapping company for over 20 years and lived in the US for 2.
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