Finding parts for a 20 year old bike.

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I own a Ridgeback classic with Shimano Sora gears 2 x 8, the bike is about 20 years old and they now require replacing, I’ve decided to take this on myself but I’m having problems finding matching parts.
I have searched Amazon, Wiggle, Evans and Chainreaction they all have parts but the number of teeth, number of gears or the name is wrong i.e. not Sora.

Does any one know of a company that sells parts for Shimano Sora?
Would the part fit if it was not for a Sora set up?
Would the part fit if it was a Shimano Sora 8 cog cassette but for a 3 x 8?
Also would the using Shimano Sora parts but with different numbers of teeth work and how would this affect performance to effort, I really like the current teeth ratio setup.

Existing set up 2 x 8.
Chain rings 52 teeth and 39 teeth.
Chain cassette 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 9, 21, and 23 teeth.

Any advice would be appreciated.🛠


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@Over the Ord Sora is now 9 speed, which is what's confusing .

You need Claris or 2300 to match the speed. Any Shimano/SRAM 8 cog cassette will be fine although a 13-23 is unlikely these days so you might have to go with a smallest of 12-25.

Also in terms of chainrings you will need 130bcd chainrings and probably 5 bolt: any of those will do. Shimano/other are fine as long as the bolt numbers and bcd size match.
Over the Ord

Over the Ord

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Shimano Sora HG50 13 - 23 - 8 speed cassette.
I case anyone else is looking for one I found one at hikebikeandride.

It’s an original manufacturer product in its original packaging (brand new) he was advertising 3 for sale I bought 1.
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