first 20 miler…


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not me, but my 7 year old son. we did the middlewood way (macc-marple) end to end, which is 10 miles each way. several stops for drinks and biccies and an ice cream, but overall i think he's done very well, especially as the end of the ride was in mid-day heat on a hot day.

nice to see lots of other riders out too, but i bet most of them were doing far less milage than we did.

oh, and he managed on a heavy kid's bike with one gear on mixed terrain.

i'll never ride the tour de france, maybe he will…:sad:


They sure impress with their energy and enthusiasm don't they.

I remember a long ride I did with my 8 year old last year on his Halfords (heavy) Apollo bike.

It was around 19 miles along a canal towpath. I thought he'd be shattered but he wanted to do it again straight after.


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awsome stuff

i got an apollo stinger for my ryans birthday last week age 3+ but it was only his second birthday

he can get on and off just aint getting the fact the pedals supposed to go forward instead of back yet lmao


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Wait 'til he gets to about 13 or 14 and can outride you! It's a sobering experience.

In the meantime well done to him - keep that up and it'll be one more slim and fit child on the street, never mind the TdF.
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