First 30+ miler (yep, another one!)


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Started to write this as an entry in the newbie progress thread, but it seemed to get a little long, so I thought I'd tuck it away in it's own thread. If anyone else has had a corker this weekend (and can share some tips about their route) feel free to jump in.

Set out on a foggy morning with a mate to take in a loop around Winter Hill, taking in some of the Bolton Ironman UK course (strava route). This was going to be a lot longer than any previous ride (20 miles), but the aim was to get round rather than race round.

The usual warmup mile hill, and I got my PB down from 7:15 to 6:39 :thumbsup: After that it was settle down and get a nice pace going especially as the sun was out everywhere but the Douglas Valley. Made nice progress, and stopped for a stretch and a few sweets looking over the upper/lower reservoirs.

I was also steeling myself for the upcoming Sheep House Lane, which my mate confidently told me he didn't make it up in one go first time. Now, I think he was just trying a bit of psychology, but either way it worked. So many times the little voice said "too steep, too much, too hard", but every time it was met with another push on the pedals. Made it up to the top, with the thought of not bothering to unclip - I'll just take a the first soft looking bit of grass thanks! Had a few minutes bent double over the bars trying to suck air into my face.

There were quite a few folk struggling/wheezing/coughing/gasping up that hill, and then having a rest at the top. This made me feel quite justified in finding it tough going.

We headed on, and the descent down the other side was fantastic fun, and a few miles further on stopped in for a coffee and ice cream at a little farm shop. Highly recommended, it's Fredericks ice cream, which comes in a ridiculous number of flavours (including Vimto). From there it was head-home time, via some more fun descents.

Some mooching around, a good dinner and now it's time for a celebratory ale! Cheers!


Careful with that axle Eugene
What a good day! One of those days that makes cycling worthwhile I reckon.
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