First big accident


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Wallsend on Tyne
Tynan said:
if you saw the present upstairs bathroom you might change your mind

and sir is still riding a five month old Fratello remeber
Bikes required = n+1 you could at least consider a Cannondale bathroom.


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Hi Tynan, I've just read the details of your crash, almost as bad as mine :angry:.

How did you feel about cycling again, were you nervous/wary of cars who might turn across you ?

I've not ridden a bike since my accident (late June, broke a number of bones), hope to get out at the end of october once my collar bone is fixed (op on thursday) and my biggest concern is drivers turning across me (which was the cause of my accident).

The lad who hit me is due to appear before the local magistrates next month for driving with undue care & attention, so I hope he gets more then a slap on the wrist.

I've got the CTC solicitors on the case, letting them sort it, his insurers have chased me to ask me to settle and how much did I want, but I've said I'm not interested at the moment, more concerned with getting my body fixed first.
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