First Garmin Screw up after 6 years


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Had my Garmin 800 almost 6 years, never had an issue with it until this morning, I was riding along & noticed that the usual screen wasn't on & it said some about auto-power off press here or something else to press here. Unfortunately before I had time to read what it said it powered off, so powered it straight back up & it appeared to continue the ride. But when downloaded it's done a straight line from where I presume it started to go wrong until where I set it going again. Any way to rebuild the route to show true distance?

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Blimey, my 800 would need a hard reset, or reset itself on a ride at least once a month. I lost count (normally 200 mile +) of the rides I lost with a garmin. I do not miss it one bit.


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You'll be unlikely to be able to edit it. Had it happen once on my 705, lost the route, but picked it up about 10 miles later. Fortunately, I was already riding in a relatively straight line.
My 810 has hissy fits too and does this sort of thing from time to time. I have mine configured to record to a micro SD card, however when it has one of it's not infrequent crashes, the ride data can be found in the on-board memory in the Garmin/activities file, even though it can't be seen though the menu system. Sometimes the file in the onboard memory is intact and sometimes it needs to be run through an online .fit file fixer. I will never buy Garmin again.
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