First ride

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Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
after finally getting rid of a summer cold, 65K with temps in the mid 30's C and finished still feeling good. Let's hope there are no more colds this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ooooooooh, sweeeeeeeeeeeet.

i've yet to have a decent ride in nice weather. i've certainly got my money's worth from the 3/4 shorts and knee warmers i've bought over the years.



New Member
Galway, Ireland
Hi, I'm new here.

I'm currently out of action after having my appendix out. It came out on July 7, and the nurse suggested I wait two months (TWO MONTHS!) to cycle, but I'm hoping for a second opinion!

Anyway, I'm currently planning what will be my first proper ride of the summer (though it will probably be late August/early September). Can't wait, it's a route of wanted to do for ages (for anyone who knows the area, it's the Galway-Casla-Oughterard-Galway circle in Ireland).

I can't wait. The first ride in the sunshine after a lay off is always sooo good.
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