Fitting a Tongsheng tsdz2 on an ice sprint

This is the quick fitting thread on fitting a tsdz2 middi drive to a trike.

Firstly The cables supplied will be the wrong length for a recumbent as they are designed for a D/F frame .
The remote aux switch and speed sensor needed to be cut and extended by 75cm and almost a metre extension added to the power cables.
WP_20190811_16_17_37_Pro (2).jpg

The 48v unit is supplied less throttle and brake switches making it an easy fit e-assist with a 12ah battery.
The display mount and battery mount were both built by me as they were a necessary evil . Putting the display in the middle allows us to fold the trike without damage to the display.

regards Emma
The Aux switch fitted on the handlebars
l must mention a special thank you to the staff of Woosh Bikes for their assistance, in addition to supplying the kit ( delivered with a red ribbon attached ) the technical team supplied the extension cables needed to extend everything at no extra cost .
The next stage will be to fit a granny ring to increase the gearing to 18 speed and get a lower bottom gear for mountain climbing .
The above upgrade was carried out 1/2 way up a welsh mountain in our converted coal shed ( utility room ) and the assistance given by Woosh was appreciated .
The conversion to a double chainset was relatively easy .
After the right hand crank is removed , remove the 5 inner Allen head bolts and remove the ring and outer guard.

Because the original ring is heavily dished discard and replace both rings with a pair of 5 hole 110mm bcd rings.
reassemble and adjust the front mech as necessary.

Regards Emma


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Looks really neat!

My Trice QNT is a bit light at the back which means wheelspin on steep loose ascents... does adding the crank drive not accentuate this? Obviously you have the battery to counter this but I would still wonder about wheelspin.
Hi folks
Our other ICE trike a vortex , has been fitted with another tongsheng tsdz2, this time a throttle / braked version with a 48v 13ah battery . A rear brake has been fitted along with a double chainset . Finished today and it has been road tested.


Photos of the installation. The battery mount , display mount and the handlebar stubs were fabricated to suit . The rear brake was added to comply with EAPC regulations . The pump mount was added to the battery mount. A triangular bag will be added behind the seat.
Flag pole made from a fishing rod, practice golf ball and flag.


Full Road test will follow, The trike was tested by Ken and I up the side of Mynyddygarreg mountain today several times, The setup is smooth and power comes in progressively , the addition of a throttle helps when coasting and a break from pedalling is wanted. In low gear the motor was able to supply all the power needed to climb the mountain . Bigger mountains will follow.
The trike has a 700c rear wheel with 42/36 front and 11-34 rear .
The vortex trike had it's extended road test today , accompanied by the tongsheng equipped sprint RS, it ended up as a 25 mile round trip down the mountain and via side roads and canal paths down near Burry Port , The canal had flooded it's banks and a division via the road was needed and we returned via Pembrey and the country park. The assisted power was smooth and was tested in all situations.
It performed better than the shimano steps sprint X and battery life was good , as the trikes battery still had all 4 leds lights on on return. That included a mile and a half climb up the mountain on the way home using 2nd gear on the big ring.

Photos , Burry Port Harbour and one of the bunkers in Pembrey country park (formally a munitions factory in WWll)


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Emma, have you had to fabricate an "anti-rotate" collar for either of the two conversions ?

e.g. on Bob Hawk's video 3.14minutes in TSDZ2 on ICE Trike

On a DF conversion the TSDZ2 motor is clamped to the chainstays immediately behind the BB, and any lateral movement is restricted by correctly tightening the large axle fixing nut. But have you noticed any rotational movement ?
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