1. beatlejuice

    Fitting a Gates Belt drive.

    I own a Decathlon Network 700. It has an 8 speed Shimano Alfine hub. They are quite distinct because of there unusual back end! The drive side chain stay joins the frame above the bottom bracket. I thought surely this was designed to take a belt. So throwing caution and about £150 to the wind I...
  2. avsd

    Fitting MTB Chainset to a Road Frame - 5mm too long!

    Looking for some advice after making a rookie mistake. I do touring with panniers each year on a road bike. Used to have mechanical triple at the front which was a godsend on a few hills e,g, Tor Head. I then got bitten by the Di2 bug and 'upgraded' to a compact. I love Di2 - pure indulgence...
  3. HumpTdumpty

    Saddle fitting - Adapter ? Bolt & Rail ?

    Hi my 1996 purchased old bike has a single bolt attachment re saddle fitting - if I purchase a new Rail based saddle - any suggestions how I attach it ? Is there an adapter available or something? Pictures attached of existing saddle and just a basic box standard rail type I’d like to fit ? Any...
  4. livpoksoc

    Fitting rim tape?

    New thread for a new problem with my new tubeless wheels. Hunt very kindly sent me new rim tape to replace the tape I tore when trying to fit new Conti GP5000s. I removed the old rim tape, cleaned the rim bed with surgical spirit as advised by Hunt's own video. I let it dry. I have just tried...
  5. Lovacott

    Fitting A New Front Mech. How Do You Set The Height And Rotation With Only Two Hands?

    So you've got the height right using the supplied guide but now you need to set the rotation by looking down from above (or underneath if you are working with your bike on its head). So you loosen the clamp bolt, adjust the rotation and at the same time, alter the height without meaning to. So...
  6. livpoksoc

    Fitting new tubeless tyres to new tubeless rims

    First time fitting tubeless, trying to get my continental gp5000 TLR tyres (25mm) onto my new hunt superdura wheels. I can't get the tyre over the rim fully at all. It's already shaving plastic off my Xtools tyre levers and I'm worried I'll break something if I force it any harder. I'm using...
  7. jowwy

    Fitting New Bathroom

    We are now out of the welsh lockdown, so I can get materials for the bathroom refurb....... after removing shower cubicle yesterday, today it was tile and old plaster board removal First bit of boxing in the pipwork for the toilet, sink and handbasin waste
  8. swee'pea99

    Ever seen a fitting like this?

    Our bog seat's gone wonky, so I was planning to loosen the nuts and put it straight, but grovelling around on the floor I discovered that there aren't any nuts - instead, there's these things: Oi ain't never seen the like. Anyone come across them? How are you supposed to remove them? Do they...
  9. T

    Tyre fitting,

    Hey guys can anyone tell me if it's possible/ok to fit 35-42c tube in 30/32c Tyre? And what are the negatives?
  10. BalkanExpress

    Fitting Race blade Pro Xl: before I start chopping lumps off

    ….I thought I would ask for your collective wisdom^_^. The front one went on fine, well fine enough, down tube clearance is tight but I have just enough clearance and the wheel doesn't rub the guard (much). The back one is a whole other thing. In short, If I have the end of the guard just...
  11. D

    Does lower back pain 'go away' eventually?

    Hi all, So I'm a fairly new rider with only maybe 1k miles under my belt in the last 2 years. I'm 20 years old and 54kg. I recently did a 30 mile ride that was very hilly and pretty hard on my legs. I've noticed around the 15-20 mile mark (1 hour) into my rides I start to get light back pain...
  12. B

    Bike Fitting for Touring - Bodge vs Bespoke

    Hi, I've been occasionally touring on my beloved, undersized and very much cobbled-together cromoly Kona Smoke (2009) hybrid city bike for the last ten years. I bought it on a whim in a sale years ago and whacked a cheap rack on it so I could head off on weekend cycle camping trips with pals...
  13. ren531

    Fitting a new battery to a Ford Fiesta

    I put this on an other thread initially but decided to make a new one instead, just after any info regarding fitting a new battery to a modern car.
  14. bobsinatra

    Fitting new bike chain

    Hi This is my first attempt at fitting a chain, so I want to make sure that I do it correctly. I kept my old chain and placed it next to the new one (KMC). In the video, where I point my finger, is this the right to pin to pop out? As I didn't fit the original chain, I ran the chain...
  15. Welshnwobbly

    Fitting new inner cable

    I made two mistakes when removing the old inner cable from my Condor Italia RC bike with Campagnolo Athena 11-speed shifters. 1, I didn't move the shifter down to the lowest level before removing the cable. 2, I did not carefully remove the cable from the shifter noting exactly how it fitted in...
  16. H

    Fitting 700c to 27" Frame

    I'm sure this is a hardy annual - what side pull brakes will reach 700c rims on a frame made for 27" wheels ? I'm re-commissioning my late father's early 1970s Holdsworth Mistral and (purists please look away now) ..... fitting modern 700c wheels so that I can easily get inner tubes and tyres...
  17. B

    Absolute black subcompact oval chainring / tiagra crank issues

    So it says on their website that the 46/30 absolute black chainrings can be fitted to tiagra 4700 cranks.... With a little adjustment.... After I brutalized the cranks for a while with a file I just about got them together with the rings. But for the love of all things Holy I cannot get them to...
  18. J

    I have a hybrid bike (26x1.95). Should I consider fitting self sealing tubes / slime?

    I have a hybrid bike (26x1.95). Should I consider fitting self sealing tubes / slime?
  19. C

    Vittoria Corsa fitting nightmare

    ***Apologies, I posted this in the wrong section*** Good morning all. I've been giving my bike a spring treat to some new tyres and ordered some Vittoria Corsa G2.0 700c 28 but for the life of me I cannot get them on the rim, which is a Mavic Kyserium Elite (2015 model I think) even without a...
  20. mr_cellophane

    Bottom Bracket Crank fitting

    I took this old BB out this morning. The cranks were held by a standard bolt, so I didn't pay much attention to them. Both sides had identical bolts holding the crank arms. However when I when to put the right hand crank back there isn't a hole for the bolt. The "pin"in the axle is lose. HELP!!
  21. airborneal

    Fitting Praxis Chainset to Boardman sls 9.0 Frame Bottom Bracket Problems Questions

    Hi, any help appreciated, got a Boardman SLS 9.0 Elite Frameset from around 2014 / 15 Was hoping to fit a Praxis Chainset but hitting a few bottom bracket problems / queries Fitted at moment is a FSA Press fit BB30 set up, written on bearing and seals are BB30 6806 -2RS MR 149 I...
  22. taximan

    Problem fitting tyres

    Down the years I have fit many new tyres to my bikes and usually I have never had to resort to using tyre levers, until recently that is. Some time ago I acquired A vintage bike and before I used it I fit a pair of new tyres, which needed quite a bit of coaxing to get over the (Mavic) rims. At...
  23. robgul

    Toeclip straps ... fitting

    I am just completing a rebuid of a vintage bike for a customer ..... he wants to fit old-style toeclips and straps which have been sourced (NOS Campag with the buttons - stunning) Question : back in the day when I rode with toeclips and straps the straps were twisted where they pass though the...
  24. D

    replacing the threaded insert on a carbon fork (mudguard fitting)

    I recently bought a boardman 8.9 adv which was missing the threaded insert for fitting the front mudguard - they discounted the bike heavily because of this. Its mudguard season so I'm looking to fix this, just rung boardman who do not supply spares for this (they suggested either a new fork or...
  25. voyager

    Fitting a Tongsheng tsdz2 on an ice sprint

    This is the quick fitting thread on fitting a tsdz2 middi drive to a trike. Firstly The cables supplied will be the wrong length for a recumbent as they are designed for a D/F frame . The remote aux switch and speed sensor needed to be cut and extended by 75cm and almost a metre extension added...
  26. funk2monk

    Fitting new cables

    I'm just enquiring the best place to buy new cables to put onto old frames. I'm aware cables need to be cut and fitted but was just thinking is there anywhere that sells reels of the outer casings - which can be cut to length plus new inner cables with cable ends and crimps. Ideally looking for...
  27. ChrisV

    Fitting my road bike to turbo trainer

    A bit of a technical question. I bought a CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro Turbo Trainer The bike I have is a Cube Attain GTC...
  28. grellboy

    Disc brake calipers- standard fitting?

    I am looking to replace my brake calipers on my Caadx. They are promax disc calipers (160/140). Having difficulty finding replacements but have seen several generic calipers. Is there a standard fit? My current brakes are 2 bolt, so would generic 2 bolt calipers fit?
  29. G


    Is it worth getting a proper bike fit? I mean, there are probably lots of people out there riding about quite happily and never had a proper bike fit. The reason I'm asking is now that I have bought (in the correct size!) a Bianchi which is a bike I've always wanted and I'm in the process...
  30. Andy in Germany

    Fitting an Akubra

    I have finally bought a replacement leather Akubra hat for cycling and general outdoor life, as the previous version had finally succumbed to the elements (mostly through constant use in said cycling and general outdoor life). Despite the newer hat being the same size and maker, it is a little...
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