1. robgul

    Toeclip straps ... fitting

    I am just completing a rebuid of a vintage bike for a customer ..... he wants to fit old-style toeclips and straps which have been sourced (NOS Campag with the buttons - stunning) Question : back in the day when I rode with toeclips and straps the straps were twisted where they pass though the...
  2. D

    replacing the threaded insert on a carbon fork (mudguard fitting)

    I recently bought a boardman 8.9 adv which was missing the threaded insert for fitting the front mudguard - they discounted the bike heavily because of this. Its mudguard season so I'm looking to fix this, just rung boardman who do not supply spares for this (they suggested either a new fork or...
  3. voyager

    Fitting a Tongsheng tsdz2 on an ice sprint

    This is the quick fitting thread on fitting a tsdz2 middi drive to a trike. Firstly The cables supplied will be the wrong length for a recumbent as they are designed for a D/F frame . The remote aux switch and speed sensor needed to be cut and extended by 75cm and almost a metre extension added...
  4. funk2monk

    Fitting new cables

    I'm just enquiring the best place to buy new cables to put onto old frames. I'm aware cables need to be cut and fitted but was just thinking is there anywhere that sells reels of the outer casings - which can be cut to length plus new inner cables with cable ends and crimps. Ideally looking for...
  5. ChrisV

    Fitting my road bike to turbo trainer

    A bit of a technical question. I bought a CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro Turbo Trainer The bike I have is a Cube Attain GTC...
  6. grellboy

    Disc brake calipers- standard fitting?

    I am looking to replace my brake calipers on my Caadx. They are promax disc calipers (160/140). Having difficulty finding replacements but have seen several generic calipers. Is there a standard fit? My current brakes are 2 bolt, so would generic 2 bolt calipers fit?
  7. G


    Is it worth getting a proper bike fit? I mean, there are probably lots of people out there riding about quite happily and never had a proper bike fit. The reason I'm asking is now that I have bought (in the correct size!) a Bianchi which is a bike I've always wanted and I'm in the process...
  8. Andy in Germany

    Fitting an Akubra

    I have finally bought a replacement leather Akubra hat for cycling and general outdoor life, as the previous version had finally succumbed to the elements (mostly through constant use in said cycling and general outdoor life). Despite the newer hat being the same size and maker, it is a little...
  9. Distorted Vision

    Problem fitting new pedals

    I fitted new M324 pedals to my Giant Roam 0. The old pedals came off easy enough with a pedal wrench. The new ones fitted first time also without any problems. But I realised I'd forgotten to grease the threads. They both removed again without issue but after I greased with Copaslip they both...
  10. S

    Handlebars 42 cm 1 and 1/8 inch fitting

    As above need a pair for my latest project, I could swap a brand new 38mm pair or I have some older Cinelli ones which fit a 26mm stem, alternatively money or I have a load of cycle bits to swap..
  11. grellboy

    Fitting New Chainset - bottom bracket compatibility

    Need to find and fit a 46/36 chainset to my cx bike. The current one - fsa omega - works with a BB30. Have found others on ebay etc by different companies (the fsa omega version just seems to have disappeared) - but not sure if they would fit my bike. If i did go with another brand (eg shimano...
  12. Stef 1

    Is a bike fitting worth it?

    Regualr rider for 4 years on the same bike. Currently avereage around 5 to 6 hours per week in the saddle. I spent a lot of time in the first year adjusting things like saddle height, fore / aft, cleat position etc. Also read up a lot on positioning etc. Never quite been 100% satisfied and...
  13. P

    Fitting a Sturmey Archer CS-RK3

    Decided to fit one of these to my Paseo so I could change gear when stationary. Pictures here: I got the hub from Practical Cycles and built it into a Mavic XC717 disc rim with double butted spokes. Trying to keep the weight down. I bought a Deore...
  14. alecstilleyedye

    re-tapping mudguard fitting

    the boardman alu frame i have has stripped the threads on the lower of the two mudguard/rack mount holes. at the mo i've got the rack in the good upper hole, and used cable ties to secure the mudguard in the lower stripped hole. can the stripped hole be re-tapped, and if so would it need a...
  15. J

    Fitting new chain

    Hi all, just a quick question, I am doing some repair work to the daughters Apollo mtb and am putting on a new chain and also the gear cables need replacing. I have already removed the old gear cables and am replacing with new inners and outers but first of all I am fitting a new rear...
  16. bonker

    Fitting a front mudguard

    Decided to the mudguards back on the fixed. Where is the front yoke fixing at the brake bolt supposed to go? The from brake bolt goes into the frame under the top tube at the back so it can't go there. It doesn't look right up against the top tube so it's got to go between the two washers (...
  17. jowwy

    External Di2 fitting

    So i spent the weekend fitting the Di2 externally on my Ti cx flatbar. having looked at and although it looks ok, i'm going to do something more retro and stealth so only 1 cable will be seen. i'm getting to internally fit the battery inside the handlebars - current handlebar set-up below...
  18. Katherine

    Advice please: Fitting Foldable Tyres on my Road Bike( Conti 4 Seasons)

    I have been bought some of these for Christmas, having been recomended them. I have a B Twin 520. I have never seen foldable tyres before. Is there anything I need to know about fitting them ? Should we get them out of the box to get the folds out or is that a stupid question? Thank you in advance.
  19. G

    Bike Fitting

    I have been riding my Giant advanced Defy road bike for a nearly a year now and have done ok, slowly building speed and fitness until the August holiday when the hard work fell apart and only just starting to get back close to where I was. Anyway I have been reading a lot lately about a bike...
  20. EasyPeez

    SKS Chromoplastics - fitting issues

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone else has fitted these and found it a royal pain in the posterior? After spending an hour last night trying to decipher the rather vague instructions I finally felt confident I mostly understood what I was supposed to do, and set about trying to fit a set to my...
  21. gaijintendo

    Another mudguard fitting thread: front band on ruins clearance

    On my Kaffenback 2 I tried to fit a LifeLine Narrow Road Mudguard Set from Wiggle. It described itself as "42mm (28-32mm tyres)". Here they are, <£16 and quite adjustable - every leg is independently fixable. Single legs at the front makes it quite easy to fit at the front at least. I have...
  22. Alan O

    Fitting a new threaded headset

    I've serviced headsets before, and got them apart and back together again just fine. Now I'm trying to fit a brand new one for the very first time, a 1" steel Tange one - and I didn't expect to be so hard. Firstly, the race that goes on the fork crown doesn't fit. I thought positioning an...
  23. Tin Pot

    TP's Campagnolo TT Shifter Fitting

    FFS I've been at this for over an hour. Previous Dia Compe shifter fell apart during my last race, obviously three times outdoors was too much for it. And made for an IM70.3 UK 'interesting' bike leg. All easy so far...despite having to replace the nearly new gear cable as well...then...
  24. oldwheels

    Front carrier fitting

    I have a front carrier which came with a used bike I bought. This is drilled to fit on a solid axle. I wish to fit it to another bike which has a QR with a hollow axle which does not protrude beyond the forks. With some spacers I could fit it to the bottom mudguard stay mounts which are brazed...
  25. ChrisV

    Had bike fitting but not comfortable

    Basically I feel too stretched out. If I hold the hoods it's a stretch and pretty uncomfortable. I end up at the top bit. The specs for Cube GTC Pro Disc say 30mm for stem - this can't be right!!!! Anyone know what it is? It's in the garage and it's too dark to be going out there If it's say...
  26. fr188

    fitting modern type recessed brakes, to a vintage frame

    hello I'm looking for any pointers/ tips, with drilling out the rear brake bridge, I was going to try to hand drill with a 8mm drill bit and mole grips to fit recessed brakes, the forks look straight forward enough to do thanks
  27. C

    Fitting a new saddle

    I've just had a go at fitting a new saddle for the first time (previous ones have been done at my LBS when having a proper bike fit). I've tried to get it as close to the position of my previous saddle - which was perfect and gave me no trouble - but as I've been doing it by eye I'm fully...
  28. Fab Foodie

    R&K Klickfix handlebar fitting on a Brompton?

    Does anyone use one, do they fit without fouling anything when folded? I have a bar-bag I was planning to try.... Cheers FF
  29. chriscross1966

    Fitting "normal" brake calipers to a Brompton

    Hi folks, has anyone fitted "normal" brake calipers to a Brompton amongst us?.... I would really like to get Francesca fitted out with Campagnolo brakes (to match the rest of the groupset) and at the moment I can see the following issues: 1: Campys are pretty short reach. 2: Cable entry is...
  30. steelisreel

    Fitting the Bkool cadence combo

    Hi, really sorry if this has been covered before, have tried searching but I cant find it. I've bought a second hand bkool pro that has come with a speed/cadence combo. But there aren't any instryctions with it. Anyone care to tell me how to fit it? Thanks
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