Fitting Race blade Pro Xl: before I start chopping lumps off

….I thought I would ask for your collective wisdom^_^.

The front one went on fine, well fine enough, down tube clearance is tight but I have just enough clearance and the wheel doesn't rub the guard (much).

The back one is a whole other thing. In short, If I have the end of the guard just short of touching the rear brake the stays are not long enough to remain in the bracket. If I shorten the distance by putting the end of the guard under the brake there is not enough clearance and it all jams up. :angry:

The only solution I can see is to cut an inch or so off the end of the guard so that the stays will then be long enough to hold the guard over the wheel. Of course this will give less protection, but I will see about sticking on an extra long flap...(are there any Fridays ones still knocking about?).

Before I do something that cannot be undone, are there any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance


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I find these guards are better on disc frames. But...I still don't think they are a lot of practical use in really bad weather. The rear does very little to protect your seat tube, the back of your legs or your rear mech and chain rings. All get covered in nice gritty crud. The front does little to protect your feet and your face gets a lot of splash back.

What I have done is dispense with the guards and just use the brackets. They are just about the best fittings for frames without mudguard eyes. Fit the brackets, and then fit mudguards of your choice to them. You may need to be creative round the rear bridge and fork crown. Zip ties and old inner tubes come in handy.

But if your winter bike is a thing of beauty comparable to a Van Gogh painting then look elsewhere. I've done a "creative" job on my bike. It works well, but it ain't an artwork.
Thanks,@Darius_Jedburgh I agree that they are likely to be far from perfect, but it takes me an half an hour to get soaked rather than 10 minutes I will still count it as a win.^_^:rain::cold:

The version of race blade I have does not use the brackets but straps to the forks and seat stays.

This is where I have the problem. On my bike (not the one in the picture) when i position the holder on the stay i cannot clear the tyre without he mudguard stays popping out of the holder. The arms on the holder are adjustable for angle and length of stay but so far no joy. If I make the guard shorter I can move the arms up and this solves the too short stay issue. Currently If I pivot the arms upwards I have to push the guard under the brake and with 28mm tyres there is no clearence (Guards are for 25-32)


You may have to drop to 25mm tyres, the guards will fit 28mm but the frame won't fit both. Had the same problem with my rim braked Domane to fit the guards under the brake had to drop tyre size.
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