I have a hybrid bike (26x1.95). Should I consider fitting self sealing tubes / slime?


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I wouldn't, I found (on Maz's bike) that it just gums up the valves making inflating almost impossible and after changing to 'standard tubes' (the bike came with 'slime' pre installed) that it was a lot faster/easier to pedal without.


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It depends. If you want to reduce the likelihood of punctures then decent tyres, and pick the debris out after each ride is the way forward.

If you absolutely must get there - such as commuting - then decent tyres and slime tubes are an almost (but not quite) infallible combination. However, there is a bit of a weight penalty and some folk don't like the way it can deaden the feel of the bike.

So it all depends what your priority is.


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When I used to commute and absolutely had to get to work on time I ran it on my commuter bike and went a decade without a puncture so bad that I couldn't complete my journey. It did suck the life out the feel of the bike, but getting to work and back took precedence and I had zero problems with it.

Now I dont commute and completing a journey on time isn't critical I don't use it, happy to take the minor risk without,


On the few bikes that have inner tubes I own. I inject 70mil of Orange, Endurance Sealant. I may have been very lucky, but I don't remember having a puncture since.


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I upgraded to tubeless on my 26" hybrid.
And to fancy pants Continental tyres as well

A bit 'ott' belt and braces some might say.

But I think it depends on how, and where you ride.

I'm mostly either on hedge banked, mucky, prickly lanes, in my neck of the woods.
So it's all too easy to run over a bramble, or blackthorn, hereabouts.

Or I'm on tour for days, or weeks, on end, much further afield, where having a puncture is generally a bit dull when you have other plans.

(Although tbh I've made some good passing friendships through punctures in the past :rolleyes:)

I don't think the weight is such an issue really is it??

Just lose 250g off your midriff and you're well ahead of the game..

Personally I'd recommend tubeless,
Im convinced, someone on here convinced me I think... The advantages far outweigh any disadvantages as far as I can make out..

Someone, will doubtless be along in a minute, to tell you how 'going tubeless' will deny you the spiritual uplift, to be found in making a repair on a windswept goyle in the Yorkshire Dales. :rolleyes:

Swiftly followed by the assertion that 'Genuine cyclists only ride drops' and that 'Only steel is real...'

You pays your money, and you makes your choice :rolleyes:


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I used to love the stuff. Its always come through for me when Ive been miles away so I cant fault it. I don't use it anymore as Ive replaced it with the Tannus Armour inserts.

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Should I consider fitting self sealing tubes / slime?
By all means consider it, so 'yes'.
(Newbie) OP (:welcome: btw) posted this (5 days ago) and has never come back. So obviously not a burning issue for him, or he's a troll to see if the 'go tubeless fraternity' want an(other) opportunity to evangelise, off topic.

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I have had slime in my tyres for the last 4 years. When I needed to put a new innertube in I didn't have any problem with it oozing out Anywhere.

I will always use slime.
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