Ever seen a fitting like this?


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Our bog seat's gone wonky, so I was planning to loosen the nuts and put it straight, but grovelling around on the floor I discovered that there aren't any nuts - instead, there's these things:


Oi ain't never seen the like. Anyone come across them? How are you supposed to remove them? Do they just turn (if you apply enough oomf) or what? (I've had a stab, but they're not going to come out just with finger & thumb, and I'm loath to start using tools without knowing what I'm doing, for fear of breaking something.) There is a small metal nut right in the middle, which the bolt goes through, but the plastic gubbins has me baffled. CycleChat folks generally seem to be full of proper knowledge and good ideas, so I thought I'd give it a go. Many thanks for any advice/handy household tips.

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Just a guess, but I would expect that to be undone from above. Is the bolt head accessible?


Good luck fixing it! Those fixings always fail as they are not very robust and rely on friction/expansion to hold them in place. I’ve replaced the one in my toilet a couple of times and it works for a bit then the seat starts sliding round. Next time it happens I am going to also silicone the fixing in to see it makes a difference.


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At least the bolt is stainless steel
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