Fitting brakes to front fork - bolt length


I splashed out on a new fork from Planet X (and when I say 'splashed out' I mean 'bought the one in the colour they are selling cheap') for a frame I've had sat in the shed for a while.

While the frame has been gathering cobwebs I've been picking up other bits for it, so I've been putting it all roughly together this week.

Anyway, when I put the front caliper on the fork, which being carbon is quite fat at the crown, I can only tighten the allen-head-nut thing half a turn, which does not feel like anything like enough thread to keep it all together when I have to slam the brakes on. The picture is intended to show the size of the bolt compared to the crown. There is a recess in the fork so the allen-key-nut thing does sit inside the fork, but I can still only get half a turn before it's tight.


I have concluded I need a longer allen-key-nut thing, but if I google of that not much useful comes up. Can someone tell me the proper name for the loose bit shown below please?


Tim Hall

Front brake recessed nut. Getting that colour might be tricky though.


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They normally come with the brake caliper but a decent bike shop should stock them, they certainly can be 30mm overall length cos I've got one that long in my spares stash.


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It's a pity you don't live near me in Lancashire because I've got a couple of longer ones in my box of bits that I would swop for a glass of beer.
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