Fix your bike voucher scheme.

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The 'fix your bike voucher scheme', which gave a £50 voucher to repair your bike at a registered bike repairer was launched in July. Within hours all the vouchers had been issued and since then the government site states that further vouchers will be released when waiting times have been reduced. Has anyone any knowledge when (or if ) the scheme will resume. I need a BB replaced on my 'summer' bike and may as well use a voucher if I can get one as I'm in no hurry to replace it until the spring.


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Did anyone get one? Does anyone even KNOW anyone that got one??


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But how did you get not one, but two? I never came anywhere near getting one. I know no-one who was successful, and LBS hasn't had one handed in.
You register and are allocated two £50 vouchers per household. My LBS was on the list so I took a chance there were vouchers available: note I registered within 24 hours of the scheme opening.

The ethics of having a voucher is debateable; I used them to pay for work at my LBS I couldn't do myself. The only condition is that you need to state the bike make when registering the voucher and the repairer needs to match the make with a photo of it to prove they've had the bike.


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I went along the line of I can do it myself. Having just replaced most of the drive chain on my MTB and replaced the bearings in my freehub. I don't need the voucher.


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note I registered within 24 hours of the scheme
Maybe that's the secret. No way I could get on the website only a day or two after the start.

I'm not holding my breath for the release of any more vouchers. Like the recent war on obesity I suspect this has now been kicked into the long grass. But Boris said a few weeks ago that we would be back to normal by Christmas so there won't be any need for such schemes.
But Boris said a few weeks ago that we would be back to normal by Christmas so there won't be any need for such schemes.
Boris says a lot of things, like 2 weeks ago encouraging people to go to work and now saying to work from home, spending £1/2 billion on the eat out scheme and now issuing a curfew to pubs and restaurants at 10:00 pm. He makes so many foreseeable U-turns, that he must be spinning faster than the average childs toy spinning-top.


Ok I got two same as @DCLane then they dissapeared ! Went online sent a email and they just sent me one.Used it for son's mountain bike which I'm fed up of fixing !


I got two vouchers. The scheme crashed within hours of opening due to demand. The website was then rebuilt and about 40,000 vouchers were re released on a soft launch a day or so later and again quickly sold out.

For the vouchers I got, one was used to get the bike which the seat on back to full health. It was moaning and groaning and not shifting well. Needed new brake cables, rotor straightening and a new chain. The other was used to get a much loved women’s bike back on the road by servicing the stumney 3 speed hub and a new chain.


I also waited until they re-opened the scheme after the initial release & system crash and managed to register for a voucher which, as has already been mentioned, turned out to be 2 x £50. I only needed one as all I wanted doing was to have a stuck seatpost releasing from one of my bikes, so let the other one lapse.
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