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Discussion in 'Fixed Gear and Single Speed' started by holly7141, 5 Nov 2007.

  1. holly7141

    holly7141 New Member

    I have a 12tooth 1/8" fixed sprocket anyone got a 18 or 19 tooth fixed sprocket they are willing to swop? Chesterfield area but postage costs should be less then price of a sprocket.
    Regards holly7141
  2. buddha

    buddha Veteran

    I have an (unused) 18t sprocket you can have.
    PM me an address you want it posted to.
  3. OP

    holly7141 New Member


    18t will do fine I will refund you postage. Do you want the 12t sprocket? All my rides start and finish with 3mile climbs to 800ft plus so it is not much use to me. I will post it to you with a cheque to cover postage if you do my address is

    <andy_wrx : address removed - see below>

    Regards John
  4. John/holly7141

    I've edited your post, removed your real name & address.

    Not trying to be too heavy, but it's probably not a good idea posting these details publicly on the forum like this, as you don't know who'll pick them up or what they'll do with them.

    Anyone can see this, it can be picked-up by 'crawler' software which trawls round websites looking for it, so posting your real name, address or email address isn't recommended.

    Probably best to do as Buddha says and send him a PM (private mail), which only he will get
    - click on buddha's name above, choose the 'send private message' option and away you go.

    Cheers, Andy.
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