Fixed - new chain?


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I have a Park chain checker and change the chain at the .75 wear mark.
Tried the ruler method but my eyes are not what they were. Using the tool eliminates the guesswork.


what Christopher said, and btw not only on fixed - on all bikes. simple way to keep the drivetrain running smooth.


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yeah I use the park tool on my geared bikes, and even rotate chains on the mtb but the chain on the fixed started out at about .75 when it was brand new! New chain ordered y'day on the chain ring lift method.

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Two ways to check, without spending money; a 12" ruler, renew when the rivet reaches about one tenth of an inch past the 12" mark; the lift off method, if you can lift the chain away from the chainwheel teeth more than about a sixteenth of an inch.

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I'm covering around 3000 mile a year on my fixed ,I just change the chain every 12 months, if it gets noisy before then I'll change it early.
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