Fixing error code 4 on a Bosch Exxel dishwasher


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I'm asking this because the good folk on this forum appear to be able to fettle everything!

Our dishwasher isn't completing it's cycle, and yes I could wash up instead, but no, life is too short.

The cycle stops with 49 minutes remaining. I ran the diagnostics (pressing two of the buttons and holding the power button) and got error code 4. I think error code 4 denotes a problem with the water intake, but how does one fix that?

We can't afford a repairfella to come and look at it, so DIY is my only option.


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Yup some of us can use google :P
according to this you should check the outflow filter which may be full of crap
"I also was getting the E-04 error code. I had a new baby and was doing a lot of laundry at the time. After speaking with a rep way to many times and them continually telling me I was using too much detergent, which I was using none, I called a repair man and he graciously instructed me on how to check the drain area (the area behind that round plate). Sure enough, there was what once was a breast pad stuck in the drain. Funny how that had nothing to do with detergent. That man saved me a whole bunch of money and I am very grateful to him! Now I'm getting the E-02 error and will be checking all the hoses to make sure they are cleared and not kinked. I'm about to throw this Bosch out the window! "


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Yeah, we learnt that the hard way :smile:
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