Fizik bags,rubbish?-or am I just unlucky?


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Good run out today,just the weather for it,alls well with the world etc.Until I arrived home,when my keen observation skillls alerted me to the fact that my bag was...well,gone.And as you might expect,essential bits of kit with it.The bag itself attaches by means of a clip to a slot in the Fizik saddle and this seems to have snapped.This isnt the first time Ive had this problem either,but given that I have a carbon seatpost and dont(or didnt) want to go for a more conventional mount,it seemed initially to be the ideal solution for this bike.Several people have voiced to me their opinion that while the saddles are fine,other items in the Fizik range are,as one put it "utter junk".Im inclined to agree as its off to the LBS again to spend an unnecessary £60 or so-and,they stock no convenient options to this bag.Oh goody!So,wise folk,is my experience a common one and...any suggestions as to alternatives? And before you ask,yes,I did check that it was secure before I set off!


My topeak saddle bag has never detached. Clips on a bracket with velcro strap around seatpost.


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i've given up with saddle wedges etc. i prefer to either use an old bidon in the seat tube cage or a minimal toolkit in a lezyne wallet in my jersey pocket. it's amazing how much crap useful equipment and spares you can get in an old bidon…


I got one of the Fizik bags thrown in free with a 'nearly new' second hand saddle I bought. Took one look at the bag when it arrived and put it in its rightful place....... the dustbin.


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Topeak with straps - will even work with a monolink post/saddle.


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I have stopped using a saddle bag. On the road bike jersey pockets and sometimes the spare bottle if i need to carry more than usual. On the MTB I have a hydration pack which has more than enough space for everything I need.
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I make a point of never carrying anything hard in a jersey pocket. Someone I know had his cycling days ended by the damage caused to his spine by his mobile phone when he came off his bike.

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They're nice bags, but I lost one in the same way you did - personally, I think the bracket is a flawed design.

I use a Specialized wedge now. (Velcro straps attach it to the saddle rails).


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Many thanks to you all for your replies.If you want to know the outcome to the tale"The Missing Saddlebag" have a look at my post "Fizik Saddlebag..." if you have a moment.Your time however was not wasted,a new one is due soon.Thanks all.
I use an Ortlieb saddle bag and have never had it come off even when mountain biking on a red route with it.
My OH has come close to loosing it but that is because he hadn't put it on the bike correctly and the strap around the seatpost has done what it has meant to do.
They may not look ideal and some people struggle with their closure making it 100% waterproof but they are really good and cheaper than £60.
They don't look great though.

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If you're talking about the Fizik saddle bag with the ICS integrated clip then I had one of these and the bracket failed after about 3 weeks - dispatching my saddle bag into the middle of the road. Thankfully I rescued it before it was run-over.
I only every use a saddle bag with the velcro straps for attachment as they seem to handle the vibration better.
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