Flat Bar Road bike with Disc Brakes+Clearance for 40mm tyre?

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  1. itaa

    itaa Active Member

    Flat Bar Road bike with Disc Brakes+
    What are some models you know that fits this+ are under 11kg in weight,preferable under 10kg.
    have good quality components (at least Tiagra/Deore equivalent ) comes with decent wheels (not super-duper pro stuff ,but just decent enough)
    + are able to take 40mm tyre + still have some clearance, Do not want suspension as It's just more clunky stuff that I have to carry around.

    Basically a good component light-weight flat-bar gravel bike with disc brakes :biggrin:

    Do not have a set budget. ( Ok max 700 for Used-Mint one,could just as well spend 200 if I can :biggrin: ) Want to see if I can find something decent used-but not sure which models are like that and has ability to take the larger tyres, Do not want a large clunky MTB frame.

    Something like this Cube SL Road looks pretty gut (seems like can take larger tyres+comes with decent components)

    What other models would you recommend?

    Clearance for 40mm tyre?
  2. jowwy

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

    Planet x london road.........
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  3. Ffoeg

    Ffoeg .

    The Isle of Carl

    I had a Cube SL Road Race (105 groupset) which was a very good bike... until I swapped all the bits onto a London Road frame, and now it's a great bike :becool:
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  4. Cycleops

    Cycleops Guru

    Accra, Ghana
    If you want to look second hand you might find one of these, a Specialized AWOL. Steel frame and fork although the later Sequoia was identical apart from carbon fork. You might be able to pick up a frame.
    This is mine with 45c tyres before i converted it to drops;

  5. John_S

    John_S Senior Member

    Hi iata,

    There are already some good options to consider above along with the Cube and just in case you want some others to think of I think that Canyon make quite a few flat bar bikes and one of those might fit the bill.

    Or one of the Bombtrack bikes such as one of their Outlaw's or the Arise Geared model however these could appeal for features but I don't think will hit your target weight:-


    However I'm not certain of Bombtack's UK pricing and if one of their bikes does appeal it might depend on whether you're close to one of their stockists because they'd probably be the best ones to ask. The UK distributor website lists distributors in London, Lyndhurst, Oxford, Ipswich, Worcester and Scarborough.


    Again I don't know if this will tick all of the boxes but potentially the Cotic Roadrat could be one to consider:-


    Hope you find the right bike for you!

  6. Cycleops

    Cycleops Guru

    Accra, Ghana
    Never heard of Bombtrack before @John_S , look like a German operation. Nice looking but they are around 10.5 kg just for the frame! Maybe so named because they could survive a bomb?
  7. jowwy

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

    Thats the whole bike, not just the frameset
  8. I like Skol

    I like Skol Hold my beer and watch this....

    Why the weight obsession? Surely the ride and feel are much more important factors when choosing a bike? No light bike is worth a dime if it feels dead, harsh or just plain unenjoyable to ride. I have a variety of bikes and haven't a clue what any of them weigh, in fact I have just ordered a new bike and it never even occurred to me to check what the claimed weight is!
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  9. John_S

    John_S Senior Member

    Also just as another brand to consider you could look at Whyte because they do quite a few flat bar bikes. I don't know their range well but taking a very quick at their website they have flat bar bikes including the Whitechapel, Shoreditch, Portobello, Stirling, Carnaby, Viictoria and Pimlico.

  10. John_S

    John_S Senior Member

    Or even one of the Charge bikes although I've not checked the specs closely and I'm not convinced that the tyre clearance goes as wide as you want.

  11. OP

    itaa Active Member

    Thanks for suggestions, a Boardman Hybrid pro in mint condition appeared (maybe done 150miles) for £265 today.
    Carbon Fork/seatpost, alloy frame ,sram rival 2x10 gears, decent hydraulics.
    Of course I got it.
    9.5kg , in my frame size, seems like it will easily take ~40mm tyres. Can't really ask for better.
    btw anyone knows whats the largest tyres that bike would take?
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