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Why is it so difficult to book a flight for next May? Ryanair and Easyjet won't let you book so far ahead. I am trying to book a flight from the UK to either Grenoble, Chamonix or Chambery but I find it impossible to do. The trouble is, I can't book a gite until I get a solid date for a flight. Easyjet won't let me do it until April. I am trying to organise a surprise holiday for my wife and I for a week at the end on May in the Haute- Savoie region. All the big airlines are too expensive. Very frustrating!!:angry:

Mrs M

We've booked Jet 2 for Portugal in October.
Don't know if they do the route you're after, maybe worth a look.


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Scheduled airlines normally let you book 330 days in advance. Looked at BA or Scare France?
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