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It's Shrove Tuesday, how do you have yours?
I take them lightly sugared with lemon.
But I do yearn for a savoury one from time to time:tongue:

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
You could also go Anerican and blueberry hot jam on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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As a family ritual, we always had some for savoury course, filled with tuna mayo or grated cheese, and rolled up, and then lemon and sugar for afters.

Chocolate sauce is another favourite of mine (with aerosol cream*, preferably), and I will allow maple syrup.

Cinnamon though... mmmmm, with a little melted butter perhaps and a flash under the grill, like cinnamon toast...

*Reminds me of my Iceland days, when we got a batch of shelf edge pricing tickets that had been typed by someone with a lack of spelling ability, or no eye for detail, or both, and it was listed as Arseol cream. Whenever the chillers needed restocking we would say "and do we need more arse-hole cream?"... What laughs we had....


Reading the thread title, I thought it was going to be all about this delightful piece of wisdom. But there again ... this is not Soapbox. :tongue:


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Lemon and sugar only, all through childhood... then Mrs Fnaar introduced me to the idea of savoury ones, esp spinach and sour cream, and my life changed for the better! :biggrin:


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South Beds.
Ohhh ;)
Forgot it was today....had my Dad round for dinner.
Had Steak N Mushroom pie (proper pie)
Boiled pots with butter
Brocolli, carrots, peas, etc
Followed by Bread n jam.....and cups of tea instead.
Maybe next year

I like my Pancakes with maple syrup or lemon juice with cinnamon.
I also like american style pancakes....smaller chunky ones.....with maple syrup and crispy bacon.....so yummy. :biggrin:


there were 14 to tea today,but only 9 had pancakes for after,i like a little syrup on mine,but others had squirty cream too,deloverly.
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