Flu and bad cough, just when I don't need it


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Training up (well, rather amateurishly) for a Sportive this Sunday (4th July) - 50 miles.

Was off on holiday last week, but did manage to get one bike ride in. I was looking for a good 40 mile route, but the bike for hire was a billed as a hybrid, but was just a cheap mountain bike - front suspension, big thick knobbly tyres and a riding position that meant I was more likely to knock my wrists with my knees rather than my elbows. So just did a 3 hour, 30+ mile run instead. West Welsh coast, so plenty of hills.

So the plan was to get home, and ramp up the fitness push, doing three more 40 mile quick runs, and a plethora (OK, only 8 possible) commuting sprints (6 miles) before the big day.

Anyway, had a sore throat on the way back on Friday, and aching limbs with bunged up nose on Saturday, feeling pretty crap. Felt better Sunday morning, but fell apart in the afternoon again. Today I have driven in, as coughing has supplanted the aching limbs, but nose is still bad.

So, how the *flying* do I get rid of this bug, get back on my bike, and get a decent level of fitness in for Sunday?

Also just found out that bronze standard is 18 mile/h average. Did 16.3 in training over 30 miles, but that was with two monster hills and some urban riding at the end, and on my own. So is 18 possible with a 25 mile rest station, draughting, and event adrenaline, or should I just aim to finish?


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I'm almost in the same boat as you, BrumJim - sore throat & sneezing, big event coming up. Luckily for me, I have an extra week in hand - mine is on 11th July. Unluckily for me, my event is 118km in the Alps, with over 3000m of climbing... :tongue:

Anyway, the solution is the same for both of us: plenty of fluids, eat healthily, get as much rest & sleep as possible. Give the body all the support you can so that it can fix itself.

I'm taking a day or two off work, partly so I don't infect my colleagues, and partly so I can sleep in late and just rest as much as I can. Keep an eye on your resting pulse rate too - mine is about 10bpm more than usual, so I'll wait until it returns to normal before I get out on the bike.

Good luck with your recovery - just think of it as tapering for your event. Recover well, and you'll have a great sportive.



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Rode in this morning. Thought I took it at a gentle pace, but average was well within normal range. However now I sit at my desk I see the flags fluttering strongly in the direction away from where my house is.

Anyway, feel good, still coughing a bit and a very minor headache, but feeling more confident.
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