food compromises

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I was going to make myself some nice garlic butter tonight to have with some bread, but I haven't got much butter so it's had to be garlic lard instead.
Anyone else care to share enforced compromises on food that have actually turned out quite nice?
Any interesting recipes to come out of it?


Risotto with olive oil, canned carrots and turmeric powder courtesy of Mr Schwarz. Much better than it sounds...


Elmer Fudd said:
Sardines in oil with toast...................................................................... and honey !

mmmmmmm... that sounds dead nice, might try that sometime!

Garlic lard.

I just had to type it out to see how it felt.

it was actually quite nice. Like butter but a bit less salty. Leaves you wanting a cup of tea though, for some reason.
Oh god, garlic lard! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

Mind you, there is a picture of me in a Prague pub eating lard with bits of crackling in. It was quite nice....:ohmy:

Ready Brek, drinking chocolate and a dollop of mayonnaise. Not unpleasant.


Garlic Lard !!! (as I think others may have said) :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

Stunning, an absolutely magnificent concept. (I have tears running down my face :ohmy::biggrin:) Another classic.
ivancarlos said:
Pasta with marmite and mustard sprinkled with cheese.

Now that sounds nice.

Compromises ... muesli with vodka instead of milk, anyone?:ohmy:


I suppose, nutritionally, there's not much in it, between garlic butter and garlic lard. Both of them almost 100% saturated fat. BUT... (excuse me, need to see a man about a dog .... xx(xx(:ohmy: )

OK, back again. In fact we rarely if ever have butter in the house, let alone lard. Garlic margarine may horrify the purists but is perfectly acceptable and tasty as far as I'm concerned.

I can't think of any compromises in our kitchen. Sometimes we were planning something with fresh tomatoes, then run short and resort to tinned. If the fresh veg. runs out there's always something in the freezer, we regard that as 'reserve'. Need to think about this.


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I had very empty cupboards once and made spaghetti with chocolate sauce.

Never made it again so that tells you something.
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