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Discussion in 'Sportives' started by NotthatJasonKenny, 1 Aug 2012.

  1. NotthatJasonKenny

    NotthatJasonKenny Faster on HFLC

    This Sunday I'm doing my first century ride, a gentle ride tbh, quite a flat route!

    Most I have done before is 50 but I have done loads of 35 milers without problem.

    We are setting off at 8am so probably have porridge around 6.30 or so but what then?

    I'm not a massive fan of gels and I won't have more than my pockets as storage.

    I'm thinking of a few slices of the new soreen toasty loaf (as is, no butter) and of course loads of water and electrolyte drinks,

    I'm not fast so it's probably going to take 7-8 hours.

    Any advice will be much appreciated!
  2. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Resistance is futile! Moderator

    Personally I'd stop a few times. Energy drinks are OK, but lacking a certain something.
    Last time I did a century, I stopped after about forty miles and had ham, egg and chips IIRC, and some tea. I had some more tea and a cake about twenty miles later, then fish and chips at 85 miles or so, then a whole load of random stuff at just-over 100 while I was on the train home
    Chips are under-estimated as a sporting food IMHO.
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  3. PK99

    PK99 Guru

    Eat before you are hungry.
    Drink before you are thirsty.

    If you can, plan a route:
    25 miles = cafe stop for beans on toast
    50 miles = pub stop for lunch
    75 miles = cake and tea stop
    100 miles = beer stop.

    I tend to prefer 0 calorie isotonic drink in my bottle, with tabs to top up en route.
    tracker bars or similar in back pocket as bonk rations - others say Malt loaf or Fig biscuits
  4. I'm a big fan of Powerbars, used them for years and found them to do the job of keeping the body going.

    I would carry one per hour of ride, plus 1 spare.

    Favourite flavour is Peanut Butter
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  5. Chuffy

    Chuffy Veteran

    PK99's mantra is the classic advice, well worth heeding.

    Regular stops for hot drinks are good.

    I'd suggest taking a packet of something calorific (trail mix is good, easy to carry, hugely calorific and a nice mix of carbs and protein) that you can snack on almost from the start. You don't wan't to be holding on for a food stop at 30/40 miles (or whatever) because by then it may be too late. Once you've bonked it can be very hard to get going again and you will probably find that you struggle to eat.

    Another useful standby if you find yourself struggling to eat is milkshakes. The Mars Extra Thick ones are particularly good.
  6. perplexed

    perplexed Guru

    On my first century, I took loads of gels and bars,also a sandwich.

    However, don't leave the sandwich in the fridge at home. Which I did...:banghead:

    I managed on just gells and bars on a hilly route, took me 6 hours 55 minutes, but I was knackered at the end. Would have been much easier with some proper food somewhere along the line...
  7. PpPete

    PpPete Guru

    Chandler's Ford
    I'm no fan of gels as a general rule, but if I'm riding further than I've ever been before, I take a Torq Banoffee flavour with Caffeine.
    Miracle cure for a bonk IME.

    Don't let it get that far though if you can possibly help it.

    Try this:
    Eat Backwards.
    If you are having a cake/sweet course and a savoury course at a stop, eat the sweet first.
    The idea is that by the time you get back on the bike the readily digestible sugars will be available to your muscles immediately.
    The beans on toast (or whatever) will take a little longer... but that's fine, you'll need them later.

    Oh yes, and TEA. Lots of it, with or without sugar as you prefer it, seems to have a very restorative effect and makes a good change from what you have in your bidon.
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  8. OP

    NotthatJasonKenny Faster on HFLC

    Thanks for that, what kind of sandwich is good for a ride but won't ruin in my back pocket???
  9. I'll bd on this ride too and TBH I'm just stocked up with gels. My bidons will have my usual High5 Zero tabs in, and I'll carry some extras for re-fills.

    Mrs S is going to meet us in Blackpool and had mentioned bringing some sarnies, but TBH I'd probably prefer something hot at that stage.

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  10. Hawk

    Hawk Well-Known Member

    Bearsden, Glasgow
    Bread with jam.

    Energy gels give you power on short sprints (i.e up a really tough hill). They give out all their energy very quickly
  11. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    OK, 100 miles on energy drinks and bars is IMO a pretty miserable day out with rumbly guts. Stop and eat some proper food and PpPete's advice is excellent.
    You don't have to carry sarnies, we have these things called shops all over the place, and pubs and cafes .... then you can have what you fancy at the time.
    I nibble on Jelly babies and Beef jerky as I ride along, and I have a passion for Pork Pies, but then I'm strange ....
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  12. OP

    NotthatJasonKenny Faster on HFLC

    Thanks all! The problem with getting something hot smokey is by the time I catch up with you, mine will be cold!!
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  13. There's nowt strange about a fondness for pork and pastry delicacies FF :smile:

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  14. OP

    NotthatJasonKenny Faster on HFLC

    I can now confirm that a dodgy cheeseburger at mile 50 did me no harm whatsoever!
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  15. Glover Fan

    Glover Fan Well-Known Member

    IMO gels and sports drinks are for fast rides and racing.

    A steady 100 miler should be punctuated with proper food. Cycling is supposed to be enjoyable, after 100 miles you will be into massive calorie deficit territory, so why not indulge yourself?

    Keep an energy bar as an emergency back up.

    The only food I've heard isn't great is meat as it sits in the stomach and takes a while to digest, no idea if that is true or not.
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