Forgive me Slimming World for I have sinned....


Harder than Ronnie Pickering
Meanwood, Leeds
I did a two pie ride yesterday.

Well when I say two pies I mean two pies and a sausage roll.

How am I meant to be able to ride past Appletons in Ripon without sampling their wares?

How can I possible buy a pork and pheasant pie and a pork and haggis pie from Cockburn and Sons in Bedale without tasting them?

Making do with just a half of each was a supreme act of self control. I shared them with a friend in Hurworth and as an act of atonement I left him with two Cockburns' pork pies whose succulence and tastiness I have yet to sample on my pie quests. Another reason to visit Beadle in the not to distant future.

I think I need to get my finger out and get a fully fledged pie tour sorted as promised from last year. There's just a few more to sample like White's in Moreton on Swale and Thompson's in Northallerton.

Once my weight dips below twenty stones I will do something about a tour route. It should be too long a wait unless 'research activities' get in the way.
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