Forumers' 'actual' ride

there is the London Freewheel in september.... closed roads around the city.


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I would be happy to come along and meet up with fellow forummers for a ride out across the country. Count me in.


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Dayvo said:
Meet up on a Friday evening/Sat. morning, cycle an agreed distance (a loop of 100 miles, for example) and back for a cake stop and a half. Then head for home on Sunday.

Anyone interested, or has a similar idea?
Apologies if this sounds negative, but 100 miles? That's pretty exclusive. I know loads of you do audax and stuff, but a lot of us don't want to/aren't able to ride that sort of distance in a day. And wouldn't want to ride at that sort of pace. I'm happiest at 30-40 miles-ish - with morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea. :eek:

So maybe, if we want a lot of forummers and not just the fastest ones, there should be more than one ride option. I go on a weekend trip twice a year with the same bunch of people and we generally have three rides - long, medium and short, and that includes everyone, and we still all get to meet up in the evening and socialise. Sometimes we all manage to be the same place for lunch too...

If there was this option, I'd be interested. But I wouldn't be up for 100 miles.


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If I can possibly make it, (Mrs DLC and the hangers on permitting :eek: ) then I will.

I wouldn't want to state the obvious but one option for those wishing to cover more distance would be to incorporate some cycling into the chosen method of getting to the agreed start point.

100 miles does seem a lot for a social ride but I guess it still has to be a distance that's worthwhile for those coming a fair way.

It's quite a climb out of Atlantis you know :blush:


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I thought the 100 miles was over a couple of days or something.

I'm also not up for 100 miles in one stretch - well not at the mo. On the other hand a charity version would have to be worthwhile - there was a story before of an office team doing an hour on a stationary bike - not exactly a physical stretch.

I'd be interested - again another apathetic enterer here - family commitments yawn yawn....


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Redfox...............SPLITTER !! :blush:
Going on then I'll come out of the corner (only in a lurking sense) for this.
Usual spiel........location, previous/SHMBO commitments etc.
I might even drag along a non-forummer so we have someone to poke fun at :eek: :tongue:
He did the GYBR with me so he does actually have bike :laugh: !!


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...well I would like to but i wont commit at the moment. 100 miles is a long way for me, and I've never done it yet...if I am more capable nearer the time I may just tag along at the rear huffing, panting and cursing you roadies for being so fast :eek: :blush:


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Alright then, just a spin round the car park and then get stuck into some pub grub and real ale! :eek:
Basically, the distance isn't so important (we need to work up/deserve a thirst/appetite, though :blush: ). 30 - 80 miles (or whatever 3-5 hours takes) and then plenty of apres-bike! That's the idea. :laugh:
No racing, just conversing and lots of laughs.
Time and place to be decided. But I'm easy (so to speak) although coming from Sveeden, it'll need a bit of planning, as I'm sure a lot of you will also need to do.


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I'd be interested. Depends what the pace is, I don't want to be left behind. I can do 100 miles, but.. not exactly speedily. :eek:
I'm with Arch. Would love to come and give my beautiful new Thorn Liesl a good spin, but I'd never make 100 miles. Maybe we could have a couple of options (100 mile speedy, 50 miles with cakes) and then comandeer an entire restaurant for dinner in the evening!!!!
Why not start at a nice pub and do a figure of eight course? That way, those who want to do a shorter distance can stop at the start point first time around, while those who want to carry on can do the second leg and still finish up back at the same place. If we can find somewhere with camping or B&B, so much the better.
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