Forumers' 'actual' ride


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I'd be up for it (fnaar fnaar) depending on how long it is (oo'er) and where and when. :eek:


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Cathryn said:
I'm with Arch. Would love to come and give my beautiful new Thorn Liesl a good spin, but I'd never make 100 miles. Maybe we could have a couple of options (100 mile speedy, 50 miles with cakes) and then comandeer an entire restaurant for dinner in the evening!!!!
I was thinking more like 30 miles with cakes...

No, seriously. If this is going to be inclusive, it has to have an option for people who want to bring a kiddie, or who just aren't used to or can't do long distances. I can do 50 in a day, but it's not a pace I'd feel sociable at, especially not near the end of the day. The figure of 8 is a good idea, but it could just be 3 loops from the same place, of differing lengths.


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OK! Seeing as I got the latest mass forum ride thing going, I propose that we agree on a location, a weekend (with a Fr. and/or Sat. night's accommodation), the type of accommodation (hotel, B&B, camping, YH) and the type of ride wanted.
I agree, 100 miles was a bit too far, although it was just a suggestion. A loop of, say, 10 miles can be done as many or few times as required, or alternatively, a figure of eight (good idea, whoever that was) with a suitable distance.
Needless to say, a restaurant, pub, caf, cake shop, bakers etc.would have to be handy and able to house (insert number) of forumers.
I've looked at my diary and it is completely empty for 2008, so anytime would do. Might be best to avoid peak times, school holidays etc.
As with any planned event there will be cry-offs for whatever reason, but that isn't to say that this isn't achievable.
Any more suggestions?


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We should have it in April because that's clearly British Summer these days!! Fab idea...happy to help organise if someone else wants to help too. It'll be motivation to NOT hide George and Liesl (my bikes) away ALL winter as I usually do.


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I think we should bring families. I know my lovely husband will never let me go on a bike weekend with a load of strangers and probably rightfully so!!!!

We should find somewhere that gives camping/hostelling/B&B options so everyone's covered, and we should bring families. We should organise ride of varying length (100, 50, 30, 10) so kids could do stuff too...and there are generally non-cycling attractions in places too for those who don't cycle! It could be fun.
me and my thorn 'Sugar Blue' would love to come along.

i rode the new forest 100k audax in the spring which had a wonderful atmosphere everyone really friendly etc. rode the Dave Duffield Challenge and it was all much more serious and the small groups seemed to keep very much to themselves it turned into quite a lonely ride...

so happy to do anything that will be more like the new forest ride, long enough to be a challenge but not too long so as to finish me for the weekend. the suggestions of 3 distances which meet somewhere for lunch and then a social evening would be great.

i'm based in southampton so wouldn't really be keen on going further north than brum for a weekend. i know that Mrs Windy wouldn't want to come so will start negotiations for a pink chitty now, could we agree on a date?



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For the tour de france, we stayed ona camp site laid on by Cycling Weekly - I was the youngest adult there by a long shot, but it was a pleasant couple of days, and we got to shoot the breeze with some other cycling fans. So, count me in I reckon - I'll be in Manchester by that time, so somewhere in the centre would be ideal for me, and a solid 30-40 miler followed by some beer would be great fun; having looked at another thread, I believe that some Monopoly should be played as well.
NB - if we have no partners, close family or friends of any kind can we come. I won't be the social pariah will I?
I reckon somewhere around the Midlands - maybe Chester, Shrewsbury, somewhere like that - would be best. There's some nice cycling around both areas and they're fairly easy to get to and reasonably central.


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Maggot said:
We have to develop some ground rules though. For instance, how do we deal with situations such as:

suddenly realising someone we had down as a racing snake is really a portly middle-aged has been :tongue:
Well, I won't come if it makes that easier..

addressing each other (user names or real names?) :eek:
user names until it feels right not to. Like the French vous/tu perhaps?
the noise from Patrick and Archs tent :blush:
See answer one...

With respect to bring other halves, I suppose it depends on a) whether you have one and :laugh: they want to come!

For location - Midland or North, so as to include Scots. Somewhere within a shortish ride (10 miles?) of a mainline railway station for those of us without cars.

I hesitate to say it, but York is pretty easy to get to (good rail connections). But I don't want to end up organising it! And maybe too much like the CTC rally.

If it's out of term time, some boarding schools will let out rooms - although that might be becoming a bit too organised and expensive. Camping would be fine for me.


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Argggh, I've just realised my answer to the tent question might be horribly misconstrued. I really DIDN'T mean it like that! :eek: :blush: :laugh:

I meant not attend...
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