Foul weather

george at highbike

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:laugh: You know it's strange I've just battled over the Black Isle on my bicycle, against a head wind that had me cycling hard to go downhill! It was raining and freezing.
Struggled down slopes in low gear that I would normally cruise down downing twenty plus without turning the pedal.
I'm now sitting with a coffee and a peanut butter piece, and I looking back at the ride, and do you know what? It was one of my best rides, that is to say one I am proudest off anybody can cycle on a nice sunny day but it takes a real cyclist to go out when the weather foul!
Or am I just crazy?


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You're just crazy. I gave up trying to prove myself years ago, nowadays I don't go out unless the sun is shining.

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Go for it George. Well done mate. :tongue:

I always remember riding around Cardigan Bay in a head wind. Gorse bushes were rolling towards us at a good rate. Later we discovered it had been a Force 8 we had been riding in. ;)
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