Fox Men’s Digit Full Finger Glove


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While visiting Park City, Utah I stumbled upon the Fox Digit Gloves and decided to buy them.
Sure - when you buy a product you can rarely say if it is going to serve you right and if the investment is going to be a good one. For that I decided to write a review about the Fox Men’s Digit Full Finger Glove for generations to come. For more glove images try this.

May it help others decide if this is the mountain bike glove that fits their needs. I had the gloves for 3 weeks now.

What I found out was:

  • Lightweight.
  • Because thin materials were used, it very well transmits sensations from gear and break levers.
  • Has nice design. Not sure though it will make women turn their heads after you pass by…
  • The synthetic rubber used for better grip, covers a good area and is not too sticky. I encountered a too sticky surface on the TREK Downhill Gloves, which from time to time got stuck to things I didn’t intend it too.
  • Lets you move your palm and fingers just like you didn’t wear a glove at all.
  • The rubber-Velcro strip being used to tighten the glove around your wrist, is too flat and narrow to easily open when you have your gloves on. I think I can handle this one.
  • DH/Freeride cyclists might want to consider the Ergon GE or Ergon GA grips more suitable for extreme riding.
All in all
I like the Fox Digit Full Finger gloves. They are comfortable, light weight and feel snug on your hand. The Fox Digit gloves are well ventilated – even in low speeds you feel the wind through the nylon mesh on the back of your hand.

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