Fresh ginger (for slow cook curry) questions.


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A number of questions.
How do you peel it?
How do you grate it?
Do you ever use ground or frozen ginger in curry? If so, what did you think?
This is specifically for curry as ground or frozen will be different in baking eg cakes.


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I Always use ground ginger.

I have never used fresh (or even heard of frozen)

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You can peel ginger with a teaspoon handle, it doesn't have to be anything sharp.

I use ginger as part of a curry paste (all whizzed up in a blender), and make the curry from that. I would do a big batch and freeze the curry paste in bits, then it's easy to add meat, veg, tomatoes/coconut milk etc. to make a complete dish as you need.
Always fresh ginger in a curry .... Pre made/bottled is tasteless imo.


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Freeze Ginger here too, I chop the outside skin off with a knife then coarsely chop the root, nice in a Chinese too that way as you sometimes get little Ginger 'bombs' where it hasn't all dissolved into the sauce. :hungry:

Which reminds me I'm cooking a Szechuan (spicy) Chicken & Cashew stirfry tonight. :becool:


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I peel it the lazy way by using a small, sharp knife and slicing off the sides and ends. You lose a little bit, but not much. I chop it as finely as I can, but I don't bother crushing or grating it because I find half of it sticks in the holes.

I can't believe how cheap ginger is. I bought a piece about as big as a builder's thumb the other day and it was 17p!
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