front mech advice

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does anyone know of a braze on front mech that will index with shimano xt mountain bike rapidfire levers?
i'm trying to build a bike from spares for an off road tourist event and have all the bits except a front mech.
i'll be using a deore 48,36 26 chainset. theers no room between the seat tube and mudguard to get a mtb mech on.


can't you take the mudguard off?!
thanks, i gave up on the mtb shifters and got some down tube ones with a tiagra front mech. evrything is running well now .


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I know the fashion police will put me up against the wall and shoot me - But you don't need to have matching shifters!
It seems a shame to me, not to use the better rear shifter just because of a problem with the front.
a mtb front shifter won't pull the correct amount of cable to index or move the front mech correctly.i'd tried to save a bit of cash but it didn't work!
still managed to use all my other xt stuff least with dt gear levers i can eventually get rid of the drops for lo pro to match my fixed. that should upset a few clumbates.:ohmy:
should be able to sell the xt rapidfire levers fo get bit of cash back now.


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piedwagtail91 said:
should be able to sell the xt rapidfire levers fo get bit of cash back now.

Are they 7, 8 or 9 speed shifters?
I might be interested.
I take it they aren't gear/brake combo units....:ohmy:


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