Front suss pannier rack

Ste T.

Has anyone got any experience of pannier racks made to fit front sussed forks. I have recently toured on my Specialized Hardrock Comp using some rear panniers and, though they did the job ok, I found the bike felt a bit unbalanced. As I never partake in BIG mtb'ing, mostly trail riding the front racks could stay on all the time ( not that that matters .....I'm starting to ramble now are'nt I? sorry) Do they work and could you recommend any. Cheers Ste T.
Old man Mountain, sold by Carradice and the Tubus Swing are the frontunners.


" ... Tubus Swing are the frontunners. " yeah i was told Tubus were good - i have a question about balance. With The Swing the bags sit quite high on the wheel and i was concerned about balance. Anyone used them, especially if also used low loading previously ?

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