FSA SLK Light double chainring swap out.


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Having a few issues with the compact that came as oem on the bike.
The 34 is not getting any use whatsoever.
. I want to change to a 53/38 (sic) thats in crc sale but at the best price where they only have 170mm.
172.5 is on at the moment.... I cant see that 2.5 mm is going to make any difference at all?
I use a Spin bike with 160 cranks after all with no ill effect.
Opinions, tho?
Its BB30 without bearings and just want to swap the cranks out.

cheers all


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It might feel odd for the first few miles but you'll soon grow accustomed to it. I went from 175s on both bikes to 172.5s on the road bike then 170s on my MTB, which I didn't like for the first 10 minutes then forgot about.


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Why not just buy 53/38t 110bdc chainrings?
Thats what is on offer at a very much reduced price.... they just have 170 's tho
anyways to save even more as I aint got deep enough pockets at mo , decided to just change the inner chainring for even less 34 to a 38 and keep the 50...
Personally, I dont need any bigger gearing with either an 11 or 12 on the back sprocket.

FSA carbon cranks are just luvverly and can recommend them, but unfortunately very pricey


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Saw a 2010 SL-K kitted bike last week & the finishing layer of random carbon fibres laid in the lacquer looked gorgeous & much more interesting than standard 3k or 12k weave.
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