Full Face ROAD Helmet?

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Saw a guy out today. Thumping along wearing a Condors jersey (legit or all-the-gear-no-idea I can’t say) Good pace, good technique etc. Definitely not a novice.

But what struck me was his full face road helmet. Not homemade and not a downhill helmet. It looked very...erm...unusual. Tried to find out what it was online but drew a blank.



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There's one or two around.
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I'd want to seem some evidence that the a) offer protection, and b) dont try to protect the face at the expense of torsion injuries instead.

And it they do prove effective and don't protect from one injury type at the expense of another, then I still won't buy one.


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Or possibly the nurse would have had to pick the broken bits of plastic out first before putting the stitches in.
i was doing about 5 mph at the time , it was more road rash that ripped the skin apart so i think it might have survived .


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Curiously I saw one the other day. The one I saw seemed to be a cross between an mtb full face helmet and a motorbike one, but not as bulky as a motorbike helmet. And it had a full face visor.
Apart from being slightly thrown by the rider's appearance, the silvered finish to the visor reminded me of a cyberman but without the side tubes.
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