Funniest present


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So far, a 7 inch squatty potty from the eldest. There are some other bits from him which as yet I am not brave enough to open.

You may need to Google squatty potty.


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This from @Fnaar

fnaars book.png

welsh dragon

Thanks but no thanks. I think I'll pass.
You mean you've not got one? :smile:

Have you :laugh:


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A very big clock. My twin grandsons gave it to us. I think they are trying to tell us we're going blind. Still, it will look nice on the kitchen wall
I've always wanted a big grandfather's clock, not sure where it would go but I still want one. :smile:

Years ago on holiday we visited a woodwork specialist on the Isle of Capri. They did a demonstration of their carving and inlaying techniques, then let you have a look round the shop.

The had a lovely one in there, but once I'd worked out the lire exchange rate I realised it was around £20000.
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