Funny experiences while cycling? Or a near miss?


Hi everyone!

I am a student from Bath Spa University doing a project about cyclists. I was wondering if anyone could share with me their funny or unusual experiences, or maybe even some near miss stories?

I'd be very grateful for the share.



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The two are totally different things.
I can assure you that a near miss is in no way funny.
What exactly is your project title?
The two are totally different things.
I can assure you that a near miss is in no way funny.

I think you may need to provide further explanation and perhaps try and understand what it is possibly like being a vulnerable road user when someone passes inches away threatening the life of the father of my children.


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I was cycling north on the A21 when an articulated truck decided to overtake way too close to me forcing me off my bike. A near miss if you like. It was a good thing I was able to quickly jump off the bike otherwise I would have just been another bloody mess of skin and bone smeared across the tarmac. Is that a funny enough experience for you?


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Hi everyone!

I am a student from Bath Spa University doing a project about cyclists. I was wondering if anyone could share with me their funny or unusual experiences
My Attorney's cycle commute to work involved a long stretch of road popular with horse riders. One morning he was asked if he would slowly ride in front of a horse, as it was young and skittish and for some reason, having a cyclist in front of it helped keep it calm!

I was riding through a town centre and had to pass a drayman's lorry which was unloading near a pub. After I had pulled out into the adjacent lane to make my manoeuvre I suddenly decided that the drayman was going to drop the barrel he was handling. I was riding slowly so came to a gentle stop and right in front of me fell a full barrel of beer into the road, right where I would have been.


Hi Everyone, Sorry if the wording in my message made it sound like it was funny. That is the complete opposite of what I'm aiming for. Basically I am making a small publication for university about cyclists and appreciating everything that they do for the world and themselves. However, although cyclists push themselves for their discipline and they love it, they also face some danger when out on the road. So I am looking for these two contrasts of stories to show the best parts that can be enjoyed while cycling (things you wouldn't just see in your car) and also the dangerous parts cyclists face whilst they're doing what they love (usually due to some bad drivers or just you pedalling too fast etc). I'd like to inform people with my book that cycling is great! But there are also a lot of things you need to be careful of. I thought sharing stories of others might make people aware of this. Thanks guys :smile: Sorry for the misunderstanding.


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If you are looking to compare and contrast, I'd suggest humour/funny and near misses are not the starting point. As others have said, there is nothing funny about a close pass.
With respect, from the comments you have made, your knowledge of cycling appears to be extrememly limited. Perhaps a starting point might be to ride a bike for a couple of months, at various times of the day and night, on different roads, (by that I mean A and B roads) and in various traffic conditions.. Once you have some appreciation of what we can enjoy and the dangers we face, including the very unpleasant experiences of close passes, then you might be better placed to frame a project which is meaningful and raise questions which seek to address the proposed content of your framework.


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Why not try getting out and about on a bike yourself @Saammblack then you can write your book about first hand experience of the dangers and benefits of our great passion of cycling instead of asking us of our accounts which would make your writing task easier. Rant over.


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@Saammblack, for your own sake, please don't do this.

You appear to have no idea about the passions, volatility and readiness to respond, often in quite personal fashion, that certain elements of the pro and anti cycling lobby possess.

You don't come across as anywhere near experienced enough of bikes and cycling to present a balanced, factual, nuanced argument, nor having done even basic research into the likely response (google local/national media stories on cycling and read the comments sections) get on twitter (@cyclehatred if still going - I block these sorts as the comments depress me) and see some of the to & fro. Hostility and misinformation and just plain prejudice abound on both sides.

Even mild mannered otherwise apathetic people harbour some strong opinions on cycling and you put your head over the parapet at your peril. You are getting into deep and murky waters.

A few topics to steer clear of or be very very very careful over: Helmets, headphones, high-viz, red traffic lights, pavements, road tax, insurance.
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