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I don't understand it, why all sorts of idiots on the street feel the need to yell comments like that.

1) Why do all the comments revolve around being gay?

2) What is so gay about lycra?

3) Why is 2 males cyclists talking about leg shaving techniques, and comparing thigh sizes gay?!?!!! If anything its vain, but why is it gay!!! If two women cyclists were doing the same thing, that wouldn't be gay would it? That would be ooo, I bet those two shower together and get it on when they get back from their ride... *snigger snigger*

4) Why is it ok for two men to hug when they are drunk, but when they are sober its GAY. FFS :sad: :smile:

GEARGH! Its really got to me today, after being shouted at numerous times on Saturday's ride and having a long conversation with a brainless colleague this morning.

I came in late because I slept through my alarm ;) and when I got back from having a shower, he started asking me about leg shaving, what its like to cycle with a bunch of guys in lycra etc etc. He lowered his voice and actually said "Isn't it a bit, y'know, gay all of you in lycra looking at each others bums for 3hrs straight?"

I managed to get him to admit that he played football with and showered communually with 12 other men every week, but nooooo that wasn't gay, because it was a mans sport. Besides, footballers don't wear skintight clothes.

Grr... I don't even know why it would make a difference?!?! You can't catch "gayness" off someone, its not a disease. How is hugging a gay man different from hugging a woman? Why does wearing lycra make the wearer automatically gay! Unless they are a woman, and then the bodyhugging aspect gets discussed at length. I just don't understand how some people can look at a woman and go "wow, she has a fantasic body" but are seemingly incapable of doing the same to a man!

*Marches off to grab a cup of tea and calm down*


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Hmm I suppose it comes down to how bothered you are by this sort of labelling and whether you value this person's opinion.


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It's simply down to not being able to come up with a either funnier or more offensive thing to say, probably by someone who would be offended at being called gay!!!

I agree that it may be a minor irritation - esp if a colleague is spouting such crud - but surely no worse than that??

Hasn't happened to me (yet!!), but I'd probably find it more amusing than offensive..... although after a couple of hundred occasions it may reach "irritating".... or as I said earlier, more unimaginative....

I would probably not in general comment on / compliment other blokes bodies - but probably no more than I would avoid complimenting ladies (eg colleagues) physiques!!!!


And, well, I think men are naturally gayer than women. This results in all manner of homophobic behaviour seeking to disguise their internal conflicts about desire. Hence the shouting.

But I think the lycra thing is because some men get confused when seeing a nicely muscled leg covered in lycra, subliminally assume it's a woman's leg, get the hormones racing and then when they comprehend it's a man's leg they attempt to banish the confused feelings that result in the harshest way possible.

Only a theory, mind!


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Have had a cup of tea now, and things seem much better. I don't really care about being labelled as gay, and besides, if I was - I'd be way out of their league ;) which is now going to be used as a standard format comeback I've decided.

Maybe there are just a high concentration of morons around at the moment.

I don't go round appraising everyone I meets physique, but there are times when it is appropriate - like my cycling buddy who is trying to lose weight, or my friend who is getting into bodybuilding etc etc

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Your colleague is having a crisis of sexuality. You can either ignore him, try and engage him as an adult, or f*ck with his head. I'd do the latter. Recommend a facial moisturiser to him and compliment him on his shirts - "Very flattering, bring out your eyes". Ask him whether he's been working out. Flutter your eyelashes and suck a pencil suggestively. Tell him some funny anecdote about what happened down the sauna. Then loudly talk about how often you give your girlfriend one while staring straight at him.

He'll be putty in your strong, manly, firmly heterosexual hands in a week.


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I think, among some sections of the general public (yoofs mainly) gay no longer just means homosexual, but generally "a bit different and in my uneducated opinion, rubbish". I worked a try-out show once and a lad pointed at a perfectly ordinary hybrid and said "that's a gay bike" so I asked him what he meant, and a) he didn't really know what he meant, he was just bandying the word about and ;) he had a go on it and was soon bombing round the track, happy as anything.

As for when men use the word and really mean it to mean homosexual, and appear to be genuinely afraid or whatever, I think that's just the odd fear of the unknown, coupled with ignorance.

As for the skin tight clothes, I seem to remember the more recent Rugby union strips have fairly tight tops as opposed to baggy ones, but I don't see many blokes talking about rugby as a gay game - and rubgy players have that big group hug every few minutes....
Backing-up Melvil's theory, remember the bit in 'The Naked Civil Servant', when Quentin Crisp, about to be beaten-up by a gang of thugs, whispers to their leader that if they do he'll tell the other thugs that he (the leader) is gay himself.
The leader quakes a bit, calls off the thugs and they all go off, leaving Quentin Crisp alone in future.

So, shout back 'Takes one to know one !'
I've got a lot of gay/lesbian/transwotnot friends and the use of the word 'gay' as an insult always annoys me, so you're not alone Mr Jacomus. And yes, rugby....grown men cuddling in public and then sharing a bath afterwards? C'mon!

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I think most of the comments about being gay and in lycra are just pure jealousy because they don't have the courage or energy to get out and do something so exciting and healthy. Either that or his girlfriend went off with a cyclist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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