Garmin Connect (again).


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Hi all, and especially to the Garmin users out there.

Is anyone else who is using Garmin Connect getting a message at the top of the page saying they are having technical problems with the site and that their team are working to put it right?

I've had this for three or four days now and although it isn't causing persistent major problems, Connect does seem to occasionally just automatically delete routes I have created before I've had a chance to save them.

The message at the top of the page is more annoying than anything, but just wondered if any of you guys are experiencing similar issues.


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Been there for quite a few days now
Yup. But if you follow the link it will show what the problem is, at he moment its the link to Myfitnesspal with everything else ok.
I actually think it's a good thing rather than wondering why some part of the site isn't working and thinking it's something I'm doing wrong.
The GC dashboard is still fairly new and they do seem to be trying to get it to work correctly and do everything a vast number of people want from it.
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