Garmin Connect - Yet another issue

Downloading from 810 when Garmin Connect informs me there is an update... I need to open Garmin Express to update

Garmin Express then tells me the unit is up to date..... so I "check updates" to find that yes I am up to date

However "up to date" on Garmin Express is a different version than either the present or suggested versions on Garmin Connect

So what software Do I have and what about the update.... Check the version on the 810 which gives the version on Garmin Express and not the two on Garmin Connect

Go the (supposedly obsolete) "Garmin Web Updater" and find an update from the version listed on Garmin Express to the one that doesn't exist on Express, but does on Connect!

Successfully updated, but when is Garmin going to address the steaming piles of errors, bugs and issues on their programs


Probably never!!
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