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It looks to me without a cycling power meter there isn`t much useful information to gleen from the app, compared to any running I do. For example no V02 max from any cycling activity. Running I get some feedback right away and can see some improvements albeit small gains. A wee bit of a let down as I do generally use my commute in and out as sprint interval sessions as times. Anyone else care to comment ?


I don't really use the app at all, or the website, despite riding with power for a lot of the time. Mostly the website is un-intuitive and irritating, if I want to review a ride I check Strava, but mostly I don't bother these days as I'm not really riding enough to warrant it.


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I find Garmin connect useful as it gives Normalised power for outdoor rides. That said it is not my primary training app, with TrainingPeaks being my default as that is where my coach sets sessions etc.


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It's ok for logging stuff, I ride with power on an indoor bike so VO2 and NP works for me or a least gives me an an idea of where I am and I can look back and compare data if I feel the need.
If you set up laps you can gleen some useful cadence/hr/speed/elevation data for intervals etc you can also set up workouts/intervals based on them and sync them to your edge via the app but I only really used GC as a logging site before I got a pm. However, I've recently created routes in the web site and quickly synced them too via the mobile app.
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