Garmin problems

Is anyone else having problems with garmin connect, tried to download a ride this morning and just got a blank screen , after loads of faffing about decided to uninstall garmin connect but when I go to garmin website that also is a blank screen, anyone any ideas what im doing wrong :wacko::wacko:


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Bad luck, the owners of Garmin have realised the world actually is flat and they've pulled the plug. You'll have to go back to good reliable old Ordnance Survey maps!


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Working fine for me

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I wondered when wahoo would crop up! :tongue:
It's like waiting to see who will be first to bring up Brooks on a saddle thread :laugh:

Funny you say that. I chaired the Cyclechat Forum AGM last night* and item One and Two on the agenda was about consigning any discussion of Garmin vs Wahoo to a similar forum ghetto like helmets. And then there was mention of e bikes.

*But this could also have been a lucid dream I had.
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