Gee my brain hurts

Squid lips

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Have just spent an hour investigating an annoying rattle on my merlin , thought I hadn't tightened the skewers up when changing my tyres yesterday ,nope not that, loose head set no , went through everything I could think of .
I'm about to go insane after not being to figure what's rattling washed my hands took it out for another test ride ,then lo and behold figured it was watch strap rattling as I'd taken it off when I washed up ( cue Homer like scream ) :wacko:


Getting there, one ride at a time.
Sorry, but that had made me giggle like a school girl. DOH!

Dave the Smeghead

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We have all done it at some point.

Mine was a couple of bolts in top pocket for safe keeping, chinking together whilst riding. These resulted in an almost total strip down before I realised.......
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