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I love the fact that packaging now not only tells you how to use the product, but also gives you general lifestyle advice too.
For example:
"Keep away from babies and small children."

Sounds good to me!
Or, from Guinness:

"Chill for at least 4 hours."

I'm up for that one.

And the latest from our new wok:
"Don't use abrasive cleaners."
Ours are very friendly and smiley people. Not in the slightest bit antagonistic.

Any more general advice gleaned from packaging on new products?

Tim Hall

On those big trays bread is packed in at the supermarket
"Unauthorised possession is an offence"

You can take the "of anything" as read.


'Enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle'

As in this product is bad for you. To balance the badness you are about to consume you have to eat loadsa goodness later.
I dont like the advice on roll on deodourants...........

Remove cap and push up bottom :eek:
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Good advice at the bottom of these instructions for using an iron (whatever THAT is...)

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It reminds me of the joke:

A man with two burnt ears went to the doctor and told him, "The phone rang, and I accidentally picked up the iron."

The doctor asked her, "What about the other ear?"

He replied, "They called back."
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