Giant XTC SE : Bottom Bracket


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After a few too many 'bumps' and having a habit of never sitting on the seat i am in desperate need of a new bottom bracket and cranks.

I was looking to purchase the parts online
as my local bike shop doesn’t stock any ISIS or octalink parts which look like they might survive a little longer than the standard square tapered ones!!

Unfortunately i have no idea about bikes technically and was
wondering if anyone knew the sizing of the bottom bracket and crank assembly of a Giant XTC SE? If not are you able to give me any guidance as to how I might go about finding out the measurements or parts that may be suitable?

The bike in question is here:

Thanks in advance for your help


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You just need to measure the width of the bottom bracket shell on the bike, (that's just the frame, not including any of the cups) for a Giant I expect it to be 68mm, but I would check. Additionally, check the actual axle length, with the cranks removed


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