Giro d'Italia Tribute Cycling Map based challenge 1st April onwards

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    Not sure if anyone on here would be interested but thought it was worth sharing this:


    The challenge:'italia-tribute-challenge

    Related Strava group:

    Starts on the 1st April and you have until the end of the year to complete the distance of 3551.2km which is the same distance as the pro's in this year Grand Tour Giro d'Italia, compete or just aim to complete as an individual/team (upto 8 members as a collective distance), some may want to jump in during the official Giro d'Italia dates which are 4 May 2018 – 27 May 2018 but it's open from the 1st April to get a start on those kms during the Easter holidays.

    Created this to challenge myself and it's open for all those who would like a bit of a distance challenge, gives you a target to hit along the theme of a big event, enter your kms manually or link up with your Strava account to auto-fetch your rides and travel around the virtual circuit similar to the Italian grand tour route, starts in Catania and finishes in Rome, you can check the street view on the map to see what it's like where you are.

    I have no personal link with MyVirtualMission, I just think it's a cool bit of online challenge software, we have several entrants so far but as many as would like to join are most welcome for personal & group motivation, a great season opener for your cycling fitness.
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