Going through red lights

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When I go for a ride with my friend he doesnt stop at red lights. I always have to pedal faster to catch him up and he doesnt understand why I stop. I tell him its the law, but he says hes never been run over so I might as well go through them.

I would make it easier because I wouldnt have to pedal hard to catch him up, but I dont think I should start doing it.

Does anyone else go through red lights?


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I try not to. I always make sure it's clear first (of course). Wouldn't want anything to happen to my bike! hee hee


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thats a hard 1!
I dont like to but when its 4:30 in the morning
and theres noone in sight and you know you're
right... it sure is tempting.

Nah I don't like to.


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we are responsable cyclist and trying to get more people involved in both the leisure enjoyment or the more passionate racer.

IMO I think you should stop at the red light and not bother to catch you friend up who jumps the lights. Either he will slow down and wait for you and then eventually get the message to stop jumping them or get himself knocked off.
Hopefully it will be the former rather than the latter.


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I expect drivers to treat me well on th eroads...so it is only fair that i ride withing th elaw....not to mention that it's bloody dangerous to jump the lights


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If there is a red pedestrian light (so no turnings on or off), everyone has clearly crossed, and I don't want to lose all my momentum, I might shoot it, yeah. Other than that, no.


Don`t do it you`ll end up in court or in hospital one of these days. Remember it`s against the law whether on 2 wheels or 4.

Big Bren

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I don't do it for two reasons - primarily it's stupid and dangerous. Secondly, it would knock me off the moral high ground, which I like to occupy when berating motorists for their stupidity.

Everytime a cyclist jumps a red light, several motorists have their prejudices against us reinforced.



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I have lifted my leg over and gone round the path when no ones walking before,as if im scooting the bike,but never red lighted for the reasons already given.
The only ones I jump are the ones that don't get activated by anything lighter than a car. There is a few round here that won't change if I'm on my bike or my scooter in the evening/at night when there is no other traffic. I still end up standing there for a couple of minutes hoping it might happen every time, although I should know by now they just won't change... :blush:
as with the other posters i don't as a rule RLJ but there are some (most) lights that don't recognise that i'm there and so keep letting the other lanes go and i have to sit there like a mug, when this happens i normally press the pedestrian crossing button and when the green man flashes nip across.... am i wrong? i don't think so :blush:

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