golf better than cycling


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don't look at me like that......I'm just reporting the facts. Despite Wiggo and Cav's victories being carried on two ITV channels, the Open coverage on BBC1 had a higher audience than the combined ITV1ITV4 coverage. Both had more than twice Sky's motor-racing coverage.

Now golf on TV getting more viewers than the TdF is pretty disheartening. Having said that............Phil and Paul are never going to get the juices flowing, and cycling is not exactly made for TV. Presuming a British rider has an interest in the closing stages of the 2013 TdF what might ITV do to boost the numbers


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I have no idea why Phil Liggets' commentary isn't on the radio.


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Golf is still watched by the hordes of fan boys who discovered it in the 90's and 00's. Cycling is, I'm reliably told, viewed as the new golf by the marketeers so the viewing figures will go up over time.

And explaining how the GC works, and the green jersey, and the polka-dot, to a non-cyclist is as easy as explaining the offside rule in wendyball to another person who isn't interested in wendyball.


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I've often wondered what the viewing figures would be on a BBC channel. I reckon by the way BBC promotes sports on its channels and the profiles, it'd be higher (yes I realise they have track and olympics on, that's part of my point). ITV4 which is where most (of their) tour coverage is suffers from EPG numbers syndrome I'm afraid.


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The golf was perhaps a more exciting sporting event, in that it was only decided on the last shot of the last hole (I think - didn't watch it myself).

The last two stages of the Tour were really just a celebration, bar the last 5 minutes for the sprint. There wasn't a lot there for the casual viewer, although I imagine the viewing figures for the Olympic road race will be more impressive.


Golf is a sport in the same way that snooker and darts are sports. The difference is that snooker and darts are far more interesting.


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Although I've never taken to the gawf and don't think I ever will, I do understand its popularity particularly as so many people play it.


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Golf comprises all the elements of sport that I cannot do (finesse, accuracy, intelligent choices, patience) and none of the elements that I can (pushing yourself/exerting energy, working out frustrations).
That is why I hate it.

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I watched the last 3 races of the tour de france, I love it, got well into, im just gutted I didnt pick it up much sooner, Golf is somthing I cannot get into,


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To the unitiated, cycling may be boring to watch but in the same token, golf, darts, cricket and snooker fall into the same category.
I like snooker and I love cycling but can't stand the other three. Everyone to his own. The difference is that cycling has always been the poor relation to tv coverage in this country. Hopefully, this might change now. Let's wait and see.


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But the way the clubs are run assure I will never venture in to one. My mate is a very good gawfer, semi-pro, and tells me a story of a couple who found they were lost in foul weather near to a golf club in Scotland. They wanted to get through to the public bar but had entered the members' only area. They recognised someone and asked if they could show them the way into the public bar. 'Shtep thish way' said the man, who happened to be a member himself as he escorted them through the members' area into the public bar. The club captain insisted the member attend his office whereupon he took away the membership of this man for taking two non-members through the members-only area. He had merely been doing the couple a favour but, the captain informed the hapless member this was not allowed and so he had to forfeit his membership. The thing is, the club captain wouldn't have been recognised by any non-member but the man who he'd stripped of his membership happened to be one of the most famous men in the world at that time, in fact he was the then James Bond. This is how petty-minded this archaic membership structure in the gawf world operates. It will never have me as a member.
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