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Hiya all.
I am gradually getting my bike together and new tyres are next on my shopping list.
I currently have a huge 10 year old knobbly tyre on the back and a halfords cheapy on the front.

My riding is about 75% road and 25% off road. My current rear tyre is great off road but drags badly on the tarmac.
I have done a bit of research and the maxxis holy roller seems quite popular.

Am I looking at the right kinda tyre for my needs or could someone suggest something more suitable?
Thanks in advance


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I just got a CAADX 5 which came with schwalbe Sammi-slicks on it. Have done some very rough trails with it so far and even though they're only 35mm they didn't miss a beat.

On the road Ive been cruising at almost roadie speeds, I'm blown away with how well they roll.

I'm not experienced in tyres of this type though, so I have nothing to compare them to.


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Bump for some more suggestions :smile:
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